Are you ready to challenge yourself?


“CUBE Challenges” is the new ultimate real-life gaming experience!
Are you ready to reach your limits?

Visit CUBE game premises with your friends & family and get ready to overcome a series of different tasks.
Use your BRAIN, SKILLS & FITNESS in order to achieve the challenges!

Time is your unique rival! Be fast and WIN!

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cube experience

Explore the game in steps!

cube experience

Explore the game in steps!

Make a team of 2 to 6 people and come up with a team name!

In the screens located in the main aisle, players can scan their wristband anytime to see their live-score.

Each player gets an RFID wristband in which there are all his personal and his team\u2019s information.

Outside the rooms there is a display where players can choose the difficulty level of the game. Point - system is linked to the difficulty level chosen for each challenge!

If another team is inside and trying to beat the challenge, you have to wait your turn! When the room is free, all players should scan their wristbands in order to have access in the room. By the time the door unlocks, the time starts counting down!

Inside the room, if the red light is flashing you have failed to beat the challenge. However, you can try again as many times as you wish! If the light is green, congratulations! You have beaten the challenge!

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All type of visitors & all ages can live the experience of CUBE Challenges!

No special physical abilities are required in order to play.
Just wear comfortable clothes & be prepared for serious teamwork!


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Players age is recommended to be over 10 years old.

We recommend comfortable clothing, that allows freedom in movement for the activities!

The order of the games depends on you. You may play in any room of your preference, as many times you want.

There are three difficulty levels on each challenge. All levels can be played and won by everyone!

A session typically lasts 60 minutes. Although the time can be extended if the team wants to continue growing the score levels!

CUBE Challenges is ideal for organizing team building & school events! In our facilities we are able to host big Team Building Events, upon request.